catalytic converter problem

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Question catalytic converter problem

I have a 97 chev. Z71 with a 350 in it that just loves catalytic converters. I have replaced it 2 times already and it needs it again. The first time, the fault code said a oxygen senser was bad ,replaced senser and fault went away for ~ 2 months.When fault came back it again said oxygen senser was bad,so i thought i had replaced the wrong one.This time i went ahead and replaced the other three oxygen sensers. Again the fault went away for a couple of months. Then my catalytic converter started rattling again and the fault came back.In the process of checking oxygen senser again i discovered the original senser i replaced first had a broken wire under the protective sleeve. I repaired wire and replaced the converter in june of 2004. Everything was fine after that until 2 days ago, then my converter started rattling again.I have not gotten a fault light yet. why is my truck eating catalytic converters?
Help please B.C.
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Are you sure the rattle is coming from inside the converter or is it a shield? Bad O2 Sensors can cause the engine to dump fuel into the converters and cause them to melt down. Or if you have other problems in your engine they will also cause the came problem. You need to determine first if you actually have a converter problem or not. Then you need to see if you have fuel delivery or other issues that can cause the cats to melt down. If you have a scan tool you should graph the O2 sensors and see what they are doing. This will give you a good idea what is going on down there. Did you use OE sensors when you replaced the O2's or did you use the generic ones where you cut and splice the wires?
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Me being the curious kind of guy I would like to know what the codes are and if the vehicle has any aftermarket components of any kind on it.Remote start,exhaust,K-n filter or a add on program for the engine computer.I would also like to know where you are getting the convertors.

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