Upholstery is coming off my BMW


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Upholstery is coming off my BMW

The upholstery on the ceiling of my 94 BMW is coming off at the edges. Could someone tell me the best type of glue to use to re-fix it.
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3M makes sprays for such applications. I think it's called something like "super trim adhesive". Try your local fabric store or upholstery shop.
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I have found that trying to re-attach a headliner in not usually successful unless you have an upholstry shop replace the entire headliner and it is not cheap. But give it a try you don't have much to loose.

My son's BMW had the door panels literaly fall apart. For such a high dollar car their long term quality I feel is very poor. I have never seen a very old domestic door panel fall apart the way his did.
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I had to fix the headliner on my Chevy Celebrity. What I did was remove the board, strip off the old fabric, then lightly use a wire brush to remove the old foam from the board. If you dont do this, itll fall right back down again. Then I went to JoAnn Fabrics and got some new material (I used polar fleece, you can use whatever you want). I attached the material with contact cement, it took like 3 cans because it wanted to soak in quickly. Then I put the board back in, and put the trim back up. It looks good and its been in for 5 months and is still holding up well.

Ive heard good things about the 3M trim adhesive too. But only 3M, its the only one that works well and thats the reason it is $8 a can.

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