Help me Pleasssse!!!!


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Help me Pleasssse!!!!

I have a 96 Neon with over 100.000 miles on it. It has been a great car until the last month!!! It has started stopping when I stop at a light or whenever I may have to come to a stop and idle. Sometimes I can put it in Neutral and it will not stop but sounds as if it is going to any second. I have had the sparkplugs changed , and the fuel tank checked out for something in the gas tank but that was fine. A fuel filter was also ruled out. Any ideas out there would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks ~
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have you had your transmission checked?
If its not down shifting it could be causing you to staul when you are at a stop.
hope that helps (but i am sure that isnt what you wanted to hear!)
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if the car restarts immediatly after it dies there is alot of possible causes for this could be low idle speed from a gummed up throttle plate or isc control problem to a sensor or egr problem I doubt that it is transmission related.
does the check engine light ever come on?
you may want to take to a shop to find out the cause of the problem as there is alot of possible causes.

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