Chevy Chyanne 3500, 1991 4dr.


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Chevy Chyanne 3500, 1991 4dr.

Had the engine replaced, and some work done to help the bogging down when I pressed the excelerator. They said they had errors on the computer chip and had to reset them, and something to do with the engine check bulb in the dash. I also need to add that these people have screwed alot of people and alot of this maybe bull ****. I have tried to adjust the distributor and timing but can't seem to get any power out of this Truck. Does it have something to do with emmissions or air leaks, which I thought they would have checked? Does anyone have any suggestions?

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are you setting the timing correctly with the timing connector disconnected?
if the engine has no power or is bogging down suggest you check fuel pressure while driving the vehicle to see if its losing pressure specs are 9-13 psi and usually run on the higher side of that range pressure should not drop any under load.
have an exhuast shop do a back pressure test on the exhuast system to make sure its not restricted and causing your power problems.
is the check engine light ever come on if so what codes was stored in the computer?
the check engine light should come on when you turn the key on with engine off if it doesnt, you will need to find out why, perhaps the bulb has been removed during previous work done by the shop instead of fixing the problem correctly.
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ive noticed alot of chevy trucks come into my shop with the same compaint...if you have a new fuel filter then check for a clogged catalyctic convertor.

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