Miss under preasure


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Miss under preasure

I have a 96 Mustang with a 4.6 v8 with a 5 speed. My problem is that when i give it gas under a load it will miss or backfire for a sec. and then run smooth.Only acts this way when it is warm dry weather. when it is cool and there is moisture in the air it runs fine. Could the Evaporative emissions control valve have anything to do with this? just a thought!
Thanks for any help
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I think you may have problem with secondary ignition system like sparkplug wires and or distributor cap and rotor, if you have distributorless ignition sysem, your ignition coil pack could be bad.
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timing advance

Sounds like it could be that your spark advance or the timing is out of whack.

Sometimes its in the distributor, other times its the crank ( sounds like a song, no?)
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Does sound like a song! maybe I'll write one. Know of a way to check the spark plug wires? maybe an ohm test perhaps?

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