desperate for help


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desperate for help

i have a 1988 chev beretta that i recently took off the road and had no problems with it would always start first turn-then it sat for a month and i went to start it and it wants to turn over but wont-took battery to the garage they said battery was toast so i bought a new one no difference in starting it just keeps draining the battery-i checked fuel and spark and it has lots of both -so i have no idea please help-it is a chev beretta 2.8-thank u for any help u can give
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is it turning over at all? have you had the altenator checked?
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my beretta when i turn the key just keeps turning but doesnt start the engine and just keeps draining the battery. it does this with a new battery so is it the alternator....or if not what do i do
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It's not the alternator. The alternator provides power and keeps the battery charged when the engine is running, nothing to do with a no start problem. Make sure nothing is blocking the exhaust. You'll need to describe how you checked for fuel, if with a guage, what was the fuel pressure? A couple squirts of starting fluid down the throttle body may help isolate the problem. Wondering if it's just old gas.........

Check back, a mechanic should be here to help you out.

Post miles on odometer, and engine size
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still need help

it is a 1988 chev beretta 2.8l it sounds like it wants to start just doesnt fully turn over i am stumped on this one it has plently of fuel and spark so i dont know-how do u know if its old gas because it started fine a month ago...i desperately need to get this car running for work but cant afford a mechanic right now please help
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Have you checked the air filter to see if something built a nest in there clogging the intake.Please post the actual fuel pressure you have,don't just figure you have lots of gas.You will also need to check for injector pulse with a noid light.
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I had a 1988 chevy berretta drove it to Arizona got there went to start it in the morning wouldnt start. to make a long story short the catalytic converter was plugged so i got a new one and the car gave me another 2 years of worry free driving then i traded it.
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think bag is right

I was going to suggest the plugged cat converter

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