96cavaier 2.2 L multi cyl. misfire


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96cavaier 2.2 L multi cyl. misfire

Our Cavalier sputters and gives us grief when accelerating. we have taken to be checked and the only code it throws is a multi cyl. misfire. we have changed out plugs and wires and both coils. Ran fuel injector cleaner too.
Still cant figure out what is causing the problem. Alternator checks out ok Fuel pump and sending unit were replaced by a shop 2 years ago.

Anyone have any ideas as to what could be causing the miss and the sputtering?
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might remove all plugs and check their condition and see if any are discolored in any way also check for any carbon tracks running down the side of the plug where the plug boot would fit over the plug if any carbon tracks are found I would assume the wire is bad also and change them both on that cylinder.
plugs that are dark or black can indicate either one cylinder that is misfiring or getting to much fuel this may help isolate which cylinder or cylinders are missing.
if the vehicle ever has any coolant loss you might want to have a shop check for exhuast emmisions in the cooling system as the 2.2 is well known for head gasket problems and just a small amount of coolant entering a cylinder can cause misfire problems.
the problem you describe is usually ignition related and could be ignition module or possibly a crank sensor problem but I would recomend taking the vehicle to a shop for further testing before replacing any of these parts.
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o2 sensors will cause that as well

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