03 Jeep Grand Cherokee


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03 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have recently purchased this vehicle and am wondering how I should go about towing my boat. It's about 2600 lbs. This is an all-wheel drive vehicle. Should I tow it in the "neutral" mode? I don't want to damage the transmission or other drive train components. thanx
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do you have an owners manual for the vehicle if so it should say in the manual what is recomended when towing.
it is a general rule not to use overdrive when towing loads as it is the weakest gear and more prone to damage the transmission more than likely that is all you will have to remeber but check your owners manual for sure.
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2600 lbs shouldn't be a problem unless you have 3.7 in it. When you said "tow it in newtral mode", what do you mean by newtral?, if you put your transfer shifter in newtral, you ain't going no where as same as when trany shifter is placed in newtral. As the above mentioned, read your owner manual on towing section.
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I thought by putting it in neutral on the transfer case that it would be in 2 wheel drive.

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