1992 Toyo Truck hesitates accelerating


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1992 Toyo Truck hesitates accelerating

I have 1992 Toyota pickup truck 22RE 4 cylinder manual trans with about 100k miles on it. My current problem is that it hesitates upon acceleration. The engine accelerates and sounds normal, but the truck does not speed up accordingly. My attempts to repair this problem include changing the plugs, inspecting and cleaning the spark plug wires, changing the fuel filter, and air filter. After doing these maintenance items it ran a bit better but continues to hesitate upon accelerating. I showed my plugs to another do it yourselfer who suggested that the O2 mixture may be running too lean from the color and wear of the plugs--he suggested I may need to change the O2 sensor. As of right now, I'm planning on changing the spark plug wires, and possibly having the timing checked. Are these reasonable steps before I go out and spend about $135.00 on a new sensor? -- Also, I read elsewhere that the wiring harness sometimes goes bad on O2 sensors for the 1992 Toyo p/uptrucks--Can wiring harnesses be changed w/out replacing the whole sensor? Finally, what does a throttle sensor do...could this be my problem?
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Itís very hard from your description of hesitation as what you symptom really is. Hesitation is momentary split second loss of power. From your description I think you clutch maybe slipping. You say it accelerates normal but doesnít speed up.

If you clutch is ok and it is truly an engine loss of power you need to cover all the basics first.

Timing is very high up on the list, code check, fuel pressure check.

Replacing parts (like the O2 sensor) is just wasting $. Might as well put up a dartboard with part names and start throwing darts.

BTW if your going to replace the wires use OEM Toyota from the dealer. The others will cause more problems than an old OEM set.

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