How do you flush power steering fluid?


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How do you flush power steering fluid?

I just had our RAV4's transmission flushed at the dealership. They suggested that I do the same for the power steering and brakes. I declined, figuring that I could bleed the brakes until fresh fluids appear.

But is there a way that I can flush out or change the power steering fluid myself?
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You can try to disconnect the pressure line at the rack, turn wheel from full left to full right a few times or until no fluid comes out then you are done, reconnect the line, top off fluid and turn wheel from left to right again a few times BEFORE start up the engine, then top it off to correct level while engine is running. While working on car with engine is running, PLEASE be careful and use all of the safety precautions stated on your owner manual.

Two front wheels off ground make it turn easier. Again, I'd hate to sound like lawyer terms but if you have to jack it up, please follow the safety precautions in your owner manual BEFORE lay down under the car.
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I think you want to remove the return line to the reservoir and connect a hose to the waste container. You need to block off the fitting on the reservoir that the return line came from.

Keep the reservoir full with new fluid and keep adding until the fluid comes out clear from the return. You may have to pinch off the return to control the flow rate.

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