plz help 95 sonoma Service light & shift light on


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plz help 95 sonoma Service light & shift light on

I have a 1995 gmc sonoma, manual trans. and a 4 cyl. engine
Today while driving my Idle raised really high while at the same time both my "service engine soon" & "shift^" lights came on..., I was in nutraul and yet the shift light insisted for me to shift to the next gear, The shift light would go off at around 40mph but any lower than that speed would come back on.
The high idle and the service light stayed on the whole time. The only thing that I've done recently was plug the compressor back up after finding it to be not conected. Last night I noticed a sort of oil smell while driving but it smelled fresh not like burnning oil. I just dont know what to do ..., after I got home I turned the engine off in my driveway, started back up but no longer had the lights on but the idle was still real high.. (all fluids were at normal levels) can anyone help I'm afraid to drive it till I can solve this issue
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Sounds to me like you have a vacume problem check all your vacume lines and inspect for cracks. Check your pcv valve could be clogged. If those things dont help you i woud reccomend changing the oxygen sensor or the ecm= electronic control module. If you went the latter route i would have a mechanic hook it up to a diagnostic mchine prior to buying any parts. Good Luck
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Get your codes read first. If there is an AutoZone in your area they will read the codes for free, but post your results back here before you leap into swapping any parts.
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Post fixed it, thanx guyz more probs though

It was just the elbow spaped hose going to the pcv vale was deteriated(crumbled in my hand) did a quick temp fix with some electrical tape till i get to the junk yard. Only after investigating this I found that an awfull noise is coming from my transmission, a sort of whinning when I push in the clutch it stops. any ideas? oh yeah airbag light blinks 5 times now too never remember it doing this before....hmmm
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oh yeah lots of moisture comming from exhuast

I also noticed moisture I mean a puddle of water comming out of the exhaust
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I wouldn't be too concerned about the moisture because it's normal to have some.I do have to ask why you would go to a junkyard for the hose instead of the dealer?The whining noise sounds like the throwout bearing.

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