rough misfire after starting...3.1L


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Exclamation rough misfire after starting...3.1L

93 lumina.. 3.1L eurosport...start up in the morning cold runs smooth but when warm, at idle, sounds like its misfiring......and on the highway going home instead of doing 2000rpm at 68mph in overdrive, like it used to do, it now does 2000 at 60mph but has no hasetation at high speeds...any thoughts on this one? and a check engine light popped up but after restarting its gone.... thanx
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If the check engine light came on while running the system should of recorded the reason why it went on. check the codes and go from there.
second , Check at night in a dark area lift the hood and see if any arcing is going on from any spark wires and coil pack (should not see any). If you see any from the coil pack look closely to see if it is coming from the wires or the coil. Check area on the coil pack real close where you see the arcing to make sure its a wire and not a crack. If you see any arcing replace the wires or coil.
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I would check the coils,wires and plug connections for corrosion or carbon tracking and if found replace both affected components.What is the maintainance history of the car?

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