Possessed Suzuki!!


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Possessed Suzuki!!

I think my 1995 Suzuki Sidekick is possessed!! When I step on the brakes, the dash lights come on, even when the vehicle is not running. When the headlights are turned on, the brakelights also come on. Also, the cruise control will not work as long as the headlights are on. Obviously, I have some sort of short, but where do I begin looking? Any input or a number for a car psychic would be much appreciated!! Thanks!
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It definitely sounds like a short circuit. I would recommend you stop driving it immediately and have it towed to a garage that specializes in auto electrical systems. If you let it go for too long you could possibly create additional shorts. You also run the risk of causing the car to stall or worse causing a fire. If the problem is severe you would likely have to replace all of the wiring just to be sure you've got the problem fixed. Hope the problem is not this bad, but the more you drive the car the greater the risk. Good luck.

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Check for a bad ground at the tail/brake lights.

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