NEED HELP>>interior vent to drive?


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NEED HELP>>interior vent to drive?

I have a 93 Olds Achieva that started blowing a lot of steam out of the dash vents and noticed that the heater is not producing any heat! I checked the coolant level and it was very low. I added about a gallon of liquid and started the car to see if that changed anything. After turning the car off i heard liquid flowing from the rear of the engine near the firewall. Not sure what it is, and I dont know if it should be driven or not?
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A resounding NO.... the leak should be diagnosed and repaired before you drive the car any more.... If you continue to operate the car, I can see a new motor in your future.
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No and no

No dont drive you are losing coolant sounds like a heater core problem not a fun thing to fix.If you overheat car you are looking at other problems like warped heads at the least.
If it is the heater core it is possible or it used to be on older cars to bypass it with a hose.But then you would have no heater.
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Fumes Too

And the fumes from ethelyne glycol antifreeze are toxic

If you check with your hands, the carpeting in the front footwells is probably wet and sweet smelling

Sorry, but this is a big problem probably with a big repair bill
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Agreed. Most likely a blown heater core. And aside from replacing a head gasket, it's probably the only other coolant related repair job, I won't tackle myself. There's usually too much labor involved, ripping your entire dash apart to get to the core. Last time I had one blow, I think it was a couple hundred bucks to let someone else have the headache.

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