Buying tires...need some advice


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Buying tires...need some advice

I need new tires for the 02 Dodge Grand Caravan. Stopped in at Firestone..

House Tire Package
Lemans Touring 215/70/15 60 a tire
60 mile warranty
wheel balance weight
wheel balance labor
rubber stem valve
road hazzard
tire disposal fee
tire installation

Final Price 350
Firestone Tire Page 56 a tire
FR 380
same stuff
Final Price 331

FR 440 70 a tire
same stuff
Final Price 391

10% discount on Sunday.

So, should I shop around...Sears...NTB or should I just pick one of these. And, should I go with something better then 60 miles? Trouble with shopping around is, not sure what I am comparing. I like the 350 price range but I do want to make the best decsion.
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Keep shopping check costco and all other place you might think of
good luck
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if you want to... could become more informed about tires and their differences by doing some reading at lots of good technical info there. buying by price alone is a HUGE gamble...
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I'd stay away from any tire manufacturer who is known for major quality problems. I bought some tires for my car, thinking they would be ok, and found out the quality was the same as their sorry SUV tires. One tire blew out, and one started making a noise just like the other one did before it blew out.

Whatever you do, it will be well worth it to get a good brand!
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it probably depends on what type of alternator he has...........amps etc....................
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I would shop around unless you are in an emergency situation.I have used the Lemans touring and the Fr440 tires with no problems.The 360 I can't say because I have no first hand info.Any higher quality tire can be considered currently I am using Hankooks on both cars and they have been trouble free.They were purchased at an independent retailer so call them also.The biggest thing about tires is maintaining them after the purchase.Alignment,air pressure and rotations are needed for long life from tires.Air pressure should be checked every 2 weeks minimum in my opinion.Doing so will show if a slow leak has developed needing attention.Be advised road hazard protection does not cover running tires flat until they fall apart and may not be covered.
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Tire Info


Everything here is great advice. I used for advice in the past. Consider the mileage on your caravan and how long you expect to be keeping the vehicle, and consider your driving conditions such as driving through snow and ice, or wet slick roads.

I decided to buy at a regional chain that includes free services such as installation, rotation and tire repairs. This has been great in the past. Also consider a reputable garage in your area. Ask about their tire policies. You may end up paying a little more upfront if a garage has great after sales service.

If you are willing to do the internet research, you may want to compare what says to what is actually posted on the manufacturer’s website. Good Luck!
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I've had such good luck with Michelin LTX M/S that I only flinch a little at the price. With my wife travelling alone on remote roads and weather that changes in a heartbeat, we both like the peace of mind.

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warehouse shopping

I bought a set of BF Goodrich at one of those warehouse stores, for my

mini-van, a few yrs. ago. I couldn't drive around the block without a lot of

vibration. I took it back to rebalance 3 times. I finally talked to the store

manager (I was ready to call Mr. Walton) I wound up trading these in on a set

of Michelins, which only fared slightly better. In desperation, I went to a tire

store and had them balanced. Turned out nobody in that warehouse store

new how to balance a tire. Should have gone to a tire store in the firstplace.
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