Mercedes C280 racket


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Mercedes C280 racket

Driving in this morning at the first light I noticed a grinding kinda noise. Pulled over, checked oil, looked for leaks, smoke, broken belts, anything.....found nothing. Drove into work with the notion of calling the mechanic first thing. But as I pulled in to park, I thought the engine shut down because it got quiet (racket stopped) and the steering got real hard. My guess is the power steering went. I called the mechanic and waiting for return call, but the one person said tow it in. Thoughts?
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It's hard to diagnose a noise over the web, but I suspect that either the serpentine belt broke or the steering pump gave out.
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Can't remember right off the top of my head if the C280 is on of them, but some of the Mercedes engines are having problems with the balancer/pulley assembly coming apart or wobbling, and grinding through the timing cover and oil pan. Perhaps luck is on your side and this isn't it.........
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Claims Guy may be right. This is a problem on the M112 & M113 engines. A quick inspection should confirm or deny this problem on your engine.

One person has already indicated that his power steering went out when the harmonic balancer broke up.

Crankshaft balancers that fail should be replaced with part number 112 035 08 00 or 112 035 09 00. Improved balancers entered production as of engine end number 661775 for V6 and 166563 for V8.

Here is more reading on the crankshaft pulley:

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