service engine light


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service engine light

I Have A 2001 Olds Alero 6cyl Can Anyone Tell Me If I Can Pull The Codes Out Of The Computer Without Going To A Shop Or Dealer. I Know On The Older Vehicles There Is A Way To Jump Out The System But I'm Not Sure On The Newer Vehicles. I Think My Problem Is Something To Do With Temp Gague It Stoped Working The Other Day
And Then Next Day Check Engine Light Came On.
Any Help Will Be Greatly Appreaciated.
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OBD 2 systems require the use of a scan tool or code reader. So auto parts stores will read codes for free.... use caution since they try to seel the first part that comes to mind with no real diagnosis. Some codes indicate a cause and some codes are simply a symptom.
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Try Autozone to get the codes read at no charge.
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Originally Posted by davo
Try Autozone to get the codes read at no charge.
Or Advance Auto Parts.

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