Seperating rusted brake line fittings?


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Seperating rusted brake line fittings?

I cut the line off so I don't have that in the way. Even so I can't get the two fitting apart at the tee. They're rounded now and a vice grip won't seem to turn it. What's next?
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Do your vice grips have good sharp teeth? I've not seen one of those that a good pair of vice grips won't remove. If the jaws are smooth they can't grip the rounded nut.
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You could replace the damaged part with a new one?
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Seperating rusted fittings.

The Vise Grips are sharp. As for replacing the part, one end goes into a tee which would mean I have to break two more fittings loose and risk damaging those lines, the other end goes into the brake caliper.
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flare nut wrench

Sounds like you need to spend some cash on proper tools for the job.Flare nut wrench is what you need.Use the wrench to prevent messing up what is still good at the T fitting.first soak the fitting with some stuff like penetrating oil for a few hours.
You will have to replace the hosed up line anyway and you can use your new wrench on it.
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Seperating rusted brake line fittings

Folks, thanks for your suggestions. A friend of mine had a tool his wife got him for Christmas that he hadn't even opened yet that worked slick. The name is a Craftsman "Bolt Out" works slick similar to an "Easy Out" except it's for nuts/bolts/fittings instead of stud/broken threads. Just in case you get in a similar jam some time.
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My best friend for removing stripped or broken fasteners - PIPE WRENCH. Itll bite into anything. Ive bent up even large vise grips before when a pipe wrench worked great. A lot of times I just use a pipe wrench on fittings anyway because I know a wrench is just gonna slip but a pipe wrench will not.

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