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head liner

How can I repair the head liner on my 92 jeep cherokee? Its begining to sage.
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The headliner should be replaced with a new one. This is a common job. It's not that difficult or expensive to repair properly. To do this, the headliner needs to first come out. Then the old headliner needs to be removed from the backing. New headliner material can be bought at most fabric outlets. It's a specially made layered material. This new material should be glued on using a spray adhesive made for automotive use such as 3M Spray Trim Adhesive, or something like that.
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The old hanging headliner!!!!LOL Seen many of them!! I always re-glued them but never had much luck with the glue holding for any amount of time! I even bought the 3-M specific adhesive! I finally got mad at the one in my old Firebird and ripped it down! If anyone has any good ideas I would be willing to listen!!! I saw one stapled once! Didn't look too good but worked! I also saw one once that had tacks in it! It worked! LOL
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I took mine out, took off the fabric, and lightly used a wire brush to remove the old foam from the board. When you redo it you can use whatever you want. I used some polar fleece. I glued it on with contact cement. Its been since last fall and its still holding up great.
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Don't bother with all the gimmicks out there - they are all short term solutions, to a never ending problem. Believe me, I've tried most of them. I've seen some replacement DIY kits for around 40 bucks on-line.

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