Motor Mount Swap


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Motor Mount Swap

Car is an '89, 5.0 mustang, and I just bought some Energy Suspension, polyurethane motor mounts...I know that you can just jack up the engine and do that swap that way...i was told by one guy to put the jack under the crank pulley which just sounds like a bad idea to me, another guy told me to put it under the pan, but i don't know if the pan could support that much weight?...someone else told me to put a piece of wood between the jack and the pan, but i don't quite get what they meant by that?

any help would be great!,

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I agree lifting by the crank sounds like it's in the bad idea zone
I don't like the jack to pan idea either
The other way of using a block of wood to keep the oil pan from denting and spreading the weight out a bit should work for you
The wood goes on top of the...uh I'm sure it has a name...part of the jack that touches the car (brain freeze), and it spreads out the pressure and keeps that jack part thingie from denting the pan

Technically, the best thing to do is lift it from the top
But I don't think in your case it's much of a risk to use the jack and wood
Thousands (upon thousands) have done it this way to these cars with no problem
You have to be safe and careful and all
Don't try it in a dirt driveway, don't lift the engine to high, stuff like that
You shouldn't need much room to switch those mounts
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not much to chose from

I would not use the oil pan very thin sheet metal there Lift would be the best but a nice size block of wood maybe a 2X4 on the cradle of the jack and then the other part on the harmonic balancer.should be ok maybe some one else has another idea.You only need to lift a few inches.
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Lifting Engine

Save your self a lot of grief and possible engine damage and rent an engine hoist. Some Pep Boys even rent out service bays with tools. All of the suggestions made a great for a trasher but not on an engine you intend to keep using. Keep in mind that as you raise the engine, you're also raising the front of the tranny. Raise it too far and now you have tranny problems, such as leaking seals or bent bell housing. Aluminum is only so strong and I believe the bell housing on 'Tangs is Al.
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