installing a new a/c compressor


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installing a new a/c compressor

The vehicle is a 97 Crysler town and country and the replacement compressor has a sticker that says pac oil for (134-a) refrigerant and the label on hood says (134-a) .What i want to know do i need to add more oil when i add the 134-a or is there enough oil in the compressor? .I also got a new dryer .Do i need to flush out the open lines now and with what? Any proceedures will be appreciated.Thanks.
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One question is, why is the compressor being replaced?

Remove compressor, empty out old oil into measuring cup, put the same amount into the suction side of compressor, rotate cluch 15 times to ensure distribution. Remove drier, flush out all old components with a quality flush medium/air pressure. Reinstall components, using new gaskets. Replace orifice tube (if required). Pull a good vacuum (29hg) for at least 30 min, repair any leaks (if found) pull a good vacuum again (30 min), service to manufacture specs.
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Thanks Cabot

The guy picked up the wrong compressor and the wrong dryer.His car was a 94 instead of a 97 (thanks to vin numbers).Now have the right ones .The history (why it was taken out) was because the clutch behind the pully was egg shaped and burnt clutch caused wires to burn ,plus pulley was free spinning and wobbling and serpintine belt came off.I understand the reason behind to pull a vacuum so the boiling point of water is lowered so the pump can get rid of the moisture but this gentleman is trying to get by as cheap as possible.Can the 30 minute pump down be omitted ?were here in florida and the temp gets to 75 during the day .I can't convince him ,he may ruin the new unit with the moisture
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Aside from the moisture, pulling the system down gets rid of air... 30" of vacuum is a near perfect vacuum. Your customer will find that omitting this step will NOT save money and will actually cost more when the system either cools inadequately or not at all.

This step isn't included in the procedure for the fun of it and is important if the system is to function properly and reliably.

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