Why would there be a plug in a valver cover??


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Why would there be a plug in a valve cover??

My buddys car...

89 Lebarron with a 2.5 Turbo.

On the end of the valve cover (drivers side) is a rubber plug about 1" in diameter. It is located under the throttle body. On 2 seperate occasions, both while passing cars hard, this plug has blowen out and he has lost about 3 Q of oil.....Heck of a mess....

Anybody know what this thing could be???? Any ill effects if he puts some permatex on it to keep it in place???

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Did the plugs come from the factory. I imagine they did and the holes are used for some purpose on other models.

You probably have blow by from worn rings & cylinders. You may also have a pcv system that is plugged. Make sure the pcv valve & hose are fully open. Sometimes they get plugged with carbon where it enterd the engine. Make sure the vent side of the pcv system is open and not plugged and the filter is clean.

When he runs the motor hard is when he will get the most blow by and build pressure in the crank case system and push the plugs out. Sealing the plugs wont hurt anything by its self but other than putting in new plugs (the old ones may be getting hard) I would not seal them. The reason is if the pressure bulids up it may blow a gasket or seal out which will be much harder to fix than putting a plug in.

If all is well in the pcv system and it keeps pushing the plugs out the engine is just worn out. He either needs an ovehaul or keep his foot out of the accelerator.
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My sister had an 89 Shadow (think it was a 2.2, non turbo) and it had this same plug. The plug blew out and the car lost most of its oil. She shoved a rag in the hole and kept driving. Must be a Chrysler thing, as thats the first time Id ever heard of a plug like that.
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That plug is not in the valve cover.It's the camshaft rear oil seal and you need a new one to keep it from falling out.I have used rtv in a pinch to hold one in before but replacement would be the best option.
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Thanks for the info gents... I'll pass it along to him.

You guys rock!!!!

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