1993 s10 chevy blazer abs trouble


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1993 s10 chevy blazer abs trouble

I have replaced the master cylinder 3 times with no luck. I bled the brakes with the engine off and I get good pressure. Once I start the motor the pedal goes to the floor. The abs module (or whatever you call it) has two metal pins on the back and when I press the brakes the one on the left pokes out. There are two bleeder fittings on the abs module. Should I try to bleed the air from them or what. This is a 1993 s-10 blazer 2 wheel drive with an automatic trans. 4.3 liter v-6.

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You have replaced the master 3 times, did you bench bleed them before installation? Also, does your boost vac hold pressure. As far as bleeding the ABS, I have never been able to do it correctly, I do believe it has to be done on a machine.

PS, have you looked into your proprotion valve, these Blazers are known for awful weak brakes.
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What was the original problem that the master cylinder was intended to repair?You can try bleeding the abs if you want.Does your truck have 4 wheel abs or rear wheel abs?
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After talking to a guy from Brake Check I cycled the ABS accuators by hard braking from about 40mph a couple of times. That seems to have worked. I now have good pedal. My other option according to that guy was to take it to a GMC service center and use a Tech 1 Scan Tool. I would say after the fact that anyone replacing a master cylinder on this type of vehicle should try the same thing and save the cash.

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