97 Ford expedition electrical problems (intermittent)


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97 Ford expedition electrical problems (intermittent)

I have 2 electrical issues that are so frustrating because they are internittent.

1) Occationally the "door ajar" light stays on. I go around and make sure there is nothing open. The door ajar light seems to go out eventually, any where from 1 hour to 2 days. When the dood ajar light is on, the running and interior lights stay on until you drive and reach certain speed. The dealership never seems to have the vehicle when this problem happens...Can someone please point me in the right direction. The door switches are internal to the door. Should I just start replacing them one at a time?? Help...

2) When the headlight light are turned on, sometimes the headlights do not turn on. Fuse is good. I begin to fiddle with the high beam switch and this usually works but I do not know exactly what to replace...Once again I need some help from an expert. These 2 issues are really getting annoying...Please help me...

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1) The Door Ajar light is a switch sticking. Lube all door latches the switch is in the bottom of the latch. Use WD40 or someother light oil.

2) I have not seen this problem, but it makes me wander if the carpet is wet under the brake pedal. And does this happen after a RAIN? We have seen GEM Module and Fuse Box get wet from the windshield leaking around it's seal. If this happens strange stuff happens on the electrical system. Fix is to Re-Seal the windshield and replace the GEM moule and Fuse box.
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For #2, we see lot's of concerns with the multifunction switch in our area. In some cases, even the wiring conneector is burned and must be replaced.
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Thanks for the help

I will try and lube all door and their switches....

For #2...Yes this happens when it has been raining but this is a recent issue. It just started about 3 months ago. I will check for water leaks around the windsheild seal. IF all fails I will start with replacing the switch and go from there. Thank you for the help I received.

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