91 Honda Accord Heater


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91 Honda Accord Heater

I have a 91 Honda Accord, that the heater blower doesn't turn on. The past couple of weeks when we start the car you would have to hit a panel on the passenager side at your feet to get the heater to turn on. I have checked all the fuses and they are good.

1.Is there relays for the blower and where would they be?

2. Do I need to take off the glove box to check the heater blower to see if it's getting power to it?

3. Could there be a problem at the switch knob in the dash?

Thanks to all that reply.
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Does it works on High only or it's not working at all?.
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It only works on high... Someone told me it is more thatn likely the relay that is mounted to the heater box which controls the speed.
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If your heater only works on high speed, the most common problem is the heater resistor &/or plug burned out. High speed is the default speed.
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What would it be if at some times I can get all the speeds and then there i time's IO don't get anything but once you hit the heater box on the pasenger side it comes on. Sometimes with all the speeds but sometimnes with just high. It also feels like the speeds aren't correct. Like it's not blowing it out quick enough to get proper heat in the car.

Thanks for all your help on this.
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just remove the blower resister and inspect it for any damage such as burnt through resister wires or corrosion at the connectors the blower motor may be bad and it starts and runs when you jar it by hitting under the dash.
I believe the resistor is right next to the blower motor and held into the heater box with usually a couple of screws if you dont see anything wrong with it upon inspection you should replace the blower motor.

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