86 dakota 3.9tbi, code 42?


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86 dakota 3.9tbi, code 42?

My truck is coming up with code 42. Some kind of relay? It has no spark and no fuel. What is this and where on the truck can I find it? The repair book I have doesn't even come close to mentioning this. I don't seem to recognize the relay in the skematics either. Any help? Thanks
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Code 42 ??

How Did You Arrive At Code 42 ???
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Turn the key a few time and the dash light blinks a morse code.
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42 = ASD relay circuit.


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I have a '95 Dakota 3.9; yours should be fairly similar.

The power distribution center (should be on the drivers side inner fender) contains this ASD (automatic shutdown) relay, as well as the fuel pump and A/C relay. On mine, they are all the same identical relay - you'll need to check yours to make sure.

If they are all the same, refer to the schematic on the inside cover of the power distribution center and identify the ASD relays and the AC relays. Pull the AC relay and install it in place of the ASD relay. If it cranks, drive to the parts store and buy a new relay to put in the AC spot.

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