Ford Expedition Caliper concerns


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Ford Expedition Caliper concerns

I have a Ford 2002 V8 Expediition under warranty. Brakes needed to be replaced and at Sears they informed that the calipers needed to be replaced and soon so avoid driving long distance. Ford Dealer inspected, and said all was Ok and the very extreme un-even wear of the pads did not validate a defected caliper claim by Sears.
Who is right and what can cause such uneven wear. Paper thin at one end and 1/4 in at opposite end?
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It sounds like Sears may be trying to sell you calipers that may not need to be replaced.

The caliper is not necessarily defective. But the caliper is not sliding freely. It needs to be determined why. If it is under warranty the dealer should take care of that. They are not liable for normal brake pad wear however the pads have worn unevenly, thus they need to be replaced sooner than they should have. I would ask that they give you an allowance for the sooner than needed pad replacement.
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If the pads are worn evenly (inside pad to outside pad; and LH side to RH side), your calipers are probably OK.

A feathered wear pattern like the one you mention could indicate warped rotors if the thinner edge is towards the front of the vehicle. Have you had any problems with pulsation when stopping?

While it's not unusual for the brake pad on the piston side to wear a bit faster than the outboard pad (assuming these are single piston calipers), if you have heavy difference in wear inboard to outboard pad; or LH to RH side; you need to check the caliper slides for free movement; it isn't unusual for rust to build up and cause improper movement on the slides, which could lead to accelerated pad wear.
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Thanks / T-Bird

Thnaks for you help w/the calipers

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