94 plymouth voyager a/c


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94 plymouth voyager a/c

I have a 94 voyager, v-6, 3.0L, auto, with approx. 114000 miles on it. I believe the clutch/compressor for the a/c is going out. the clutch will kick in but then a noise develops sounds like bearings going bad or something of that nature.. it was causing the belt to squeal so i replaced hte belt with a new one. the new belt seemed to be working but when i attempted to rev. the engine a little bit.. the belt started squealing and i could smell burnt rubber and the engine started bogging down, and when i let up on the accelerator the engine bogged down and died. I think the compressor trying to lock up.

What are my options. can i just replace the compressor, and then have it bled off and energized with new freon. I do'nt want to drop a whole lot of cash in a vehiicle this old, but would like to keep it. or would I be better off just trying to sell it and thank it(the vehicle) for it's faithful years of service.

P.S. This is a great website
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same problem

im replacing the ac compressor on a 93 grand am and it is a pain in the $#%. the ac compressor just is an idler pully when the ac is not engaged, i would recommend just getting a shorter belt and not have it wrap around the compressor pully. you can get a rebuilt compressor/clutch for about 150, a new one for about 300. If it is r-12 refrigerent they will have to upgrade it to 134a, if you got it fixed at a shop with a rebuilt compressor it would run you $600-$1200.
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suggest seing a shop and getting some estimates on repairing the a/c system, the compressor is likely bad and you must also replace the drier and may need to have the system flushed to prevent the new compressor from going bad.
freon should be reclaimed and not vented and the sysetm has to have a vacum pulled on the system after repairs are made prior to filling back up with freon.
if you decide to have it fixed at a shop you would easily spend 500 or more price can vary alot depending on whether they use a new or remanufactured compressor.
if you decide not to repair the a/c it could probably be bypassed or disconnected so it does not come on, if it has a seperate v belt just for the a/c you could just remove the belt.
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Bejay is right. It sounds like your compressor is going south. To save on belts, you can simply disconnect the electric connection to the clutch. Fortunately, Chrysler designed this engine well with respect to giving the a/c a separate belt which can be removed anytime there's a problem.

Unfortunately, repair isn't as simple as replacing the compressor. Replacing the compressor triggers many other things than need to be done to repair the system properly. At a minimum, the dryer needs to be replaced, the system vacuumed, then recharged. Compressor seizure failure often results in debris strewn within the system. This needs to be flushed out.

1994 was right around the changeover of refrigerants (r12 to r 134). If your system was originally r134, then repair is limited to the abovementioned discussion. If it is r12, then it is somewhat more complicated (and expensive).

If you want a/c, there is no cheap fix.... it'll cost good money.... especially if you want the a/c to last for the rest of the car's life. Unfortunately, losing a/c is usually the straw that breaks the camel's back. Your story is so very typical... the a/c goes out on someone's old car that otherwise runs fine and is in good shape.... the owner gets quotes and finds the repair costs more than the car is worth.... the owner then decides it's time to buy a new car because they decide a/c is important. DIYers like us look for used cars like that since DIY a/c work is so financially rewarding.
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yeah i am used to good news... thanks for the info..
i will see what it is going to cost from a shop and go from there.

Thanks again,

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