power loss


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power loss

I have a '94 ranger 4x4 with the 3.0 V6. Recently I have been having problems with the truck revving up when I went to push the clutch in to shift. I had the idle air control valve replaced and it didnt help. The problem would come and go one week or month it would be fine and then it would come back. The garage where i bought it said that it messing up the idle when I was disconnecting the battery to reset my check oil light that will mysteriously come on. So anyway they reset the idle and it was fine for a week and then it started acting up again. I was about to go get the throttle position sensor replaced when I parked it and when to start it again and it had no juice. This is when I discovered that the ground terminal was loose so I fixed it, let it idle for a while and it wont rev up when I shift, but know it seems to have some power loss. It goes goos up to 45 then it seems to struggle unles your winding right out. Also when I went down the interstate today I finaly got it going good and the gas pedal even felt stiffer and more responsive so I shut it off and went to the bank but when i started it up it ideled wierd. It wouldnt idle down for a while like you were starting it in the cold. Whta could be the deal, Thanks for any help, this is driving me nuts.
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Just a guess, but it sounds like it could be the throttle sticking. The throttle body may need to be cleaned.
Are you sure that wasn't the check engine light that was coming on? Was it a yellow or red light? If it was the check engine light(yellow), check the code(s) in the computer. They may lead directly to the source of the problem or give some direction in what needs to be looked at. Post the code(s) here and you'll get some help. Go here if you need directions on checking codes for a check engine light: www.batauto.com

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