Transmission in buick lesaber


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Transmission in buick lesaber

I have a 1994 buick lesaber. after sitting for a while when i start it up and put it into gear i have to wait about half a minute before the tranny will shift into gear. Is this a problem other than that it runs great.The fluid level is fine and there are no leakes.The tranny doesn't slam into gear and while driving it shifts great thanks.
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Does it happen in all the gear ranges. If it only happens on 'D' and not on R you may have a sticky valve. There is a product called Lubegard (never used it myself) which you can stick into the ATF inlet. Try driving it for a while and if a valve is sticking it may clean itself. Never seen it in any of the local auto parts stores but you can buy it online.

If it happens in all ranges, the line pressure may be low. While waiting for it to shift, try revving the engine (with the brake still depressed) and see if it shifts quicker. If it does, there may be a problem with the line pressure which could be plugged valve body passges or a failing pump. Or the pressure regulator or throttle valve may be faulty. You can take it into a transmision place and ask then to run a pressure test.
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I rebuild a lot of tranmission so i have to say do not put any thing in it at all
what will happen is it will go out faster.tranmission have rubber seals maybe
the seal that in the drive pack is cut.or your drive clutch pack needs new clutch and steels.i had lots of people bring me there cars and said they try
tranmission sealer to fix worked for a few weeks then it quits all together.
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if its due for a transmission fluid and filter change I would start there and add the additive suggested above, there is alot of transmission additives or sealers that can cause problems specifically if they are a sealer or desinged to swell seals however they are not all bad.
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If it were mine I would change the fluid and filter and hope for the best.You could have a worn/damaged input clutch seal or the cooler checkball is stuck allowing the torque convertor to drain back.You could try replacing the cooler line fitting in the trans case.
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As far as I understand it Lubegard is a lubricant - not a sealer. This is one link on the product that I found - I cannot attest to its performance of course, but I did read a lot of good things about it on the web.

Here is another article on lubricants that people may find of interest.

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