Idler arm replacement on 95 GMC sonoma


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Idler arm replacement on 95 GMC sonoma

Well I had my truck inspected this week and I was told my idler arm will need to be replaced before next inspection as I have about 1" play in it. Anyway, what I want to know is just how hard is it to pull out the old, and install a new one?? I have most of the standard tools for working on my autos, but does this job call for any special tools? Can it be done by a DIY weekender?Thanks
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Welcome to the S-10/Sonoma world of replacing front end parts! Real easy to do. 2 bolts hold it on the frame 1 castle nut holds it to the steering arm. Simple tools will do, you may need a pickle fork to separate the idler arm from steering arm (hammer works well) make sure you grease the new one after installation.
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Yes they are easy to change and they are easy to misdiagnose.If they are checking the idler arm by putting the truck on a hoist and shaking the right front tire(typical)they are checking it wrong.I would bet if you asked them to show you the play in the idler arm that's what they will do.
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sonoma idler arm

Davo, I did not ask how he know its the idler arm, or ask how they came to that conclussion. What is the best way to see if it is indeed the idler arm that is allowing the 1" play he refered to? He just acted like he knew for sure that thats what it was. What else should I look for? I'm glad its easy to do either way.

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