heat? Full BLAST!!


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Unhappy heat? Full BLAST!!

97 Pontiac Grand Prix

A few weeks ago, when I turned on the heat..nothing happened. I tried speed 1, 2, and finally speed 3 before it kicked in.
Next week it would only work on speed 4.
And finally, this week it is full blast or nothing at all. You can't have a conversation in the car because the heat is loud!!

What could be causing this??
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Sounds like the resistor pack which controls the lower speeds went out. The default is high speed. Usually they are easy to replce. One connector and two screws. Not sure where it is located on your car, but is usually mounted near the blower. If you follow the wires from the blower, they should lead you to the resistor pack.
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It might be on the engine side of the fire wall. Either get one or go look at one at the auto store so you know what it looks like.
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GM now calls them blower motor modules, they are a circuit board that are prone to corrosion brought on by moisture. It is located on the passenger side under the dash, next to the blower motor. You will need to remove the insulator panel under the glove box to gain access. There are 2 or 3 7/32 headed bolts that hold the resistor/module in place.
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hope nobody minds if I join in
i have a 99 grand am with the same problem, picked up the circuit board/resistor thing about a week ago, but could not find where to put it , anyway i will try under the glove compartment to see if i can find it there, thanks for your help


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