ERG Flow Insufficient on 96 Expedition


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ERG Flow Insufficient on 96 Expedition

The Check Engine light came on. I had the code read at Advance Auto. Code was P0401 which was translated into "ERG Flow Insufficient" I have a HAYNES REPAIR MANUAL to guide me. Do you have any advice before I go "sucking on Vacuum tubes"


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P0401 does mean insufficent EGR flow & based on Henry Ford's D.P.F.E. sensors, I'd almost bet the farm the E.G.R. flow sensor has packed it in. Take it to a garage that can monitor signals to & from the P.C.M. & they will prove the DPFEGR sensor is shot!!
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Pull vacuum on the EGR valve while vehicle is running. Does vehicle try to die? If so problem is more likely going to be a DPFE SENSOR. If RPM's of the engine does not change much with vacuum on EGR valve than remove the upper intake manifold and clean the EGR ports out. Remove the EGR valve to gain access.

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