dead cat? (cougar)


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dead cat? (cougar)

My sons 1999 cougar died as he was driving. He said it would always start back up but this time it won't. When he tries to turn the ignition over nothing happens, and I mean nothing. Is there a relay or fuse that could cause the car do do this while driving it?
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If the engine cranks but won't start check for spark on more than 1 wire and get a fuel pressure reading with a guage.If you get a noid light you can also check for injector pulse.
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Thanks Davo, but the car will not crank at all. It just died while driving and wouldn't restart.
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Check the voltage of the battery, should be about 12 volts, or try to jump start it. If the battery voltage is low (the headlights will be dim) or you can jump start it, have the alternator and battery tested for free at a local auto parts store. If the entire electrical system is dead, tighten the battery cable terminals and also check for corrossion at the terminals.

It doesn't sound like a starter or fuse problem since the vehicle died while driving. It sounds more like an alternator problem. Also make sure the alternator belt isn't too loose or has come off. Did the battery/alternator light ever come on while driving or headlights getting dim or power windows operating slower than normal?
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I had a similar problem with my 94 ford. it was the positive battery cable was badly corroded inside the insulation, so looking at it, it appeared ok, but closer inspection found the problem. hope this helps

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