92 nissan 240sx engine shut down while driving


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92 nissan 240sx engine shut down while driving

The car is a 92 Nissan 240sx. While I am driving the engine just shut off. THe steering wheel gets hard, all the lights on the dash lights up like when you have the key on, on position to crank. I get no power, so i just pull over to the side turn off the key let it sit for awhile then crank it. The engine also shakes alot when it's about to shut down. Please someone help
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The steering wheel getting & the lights on the dash are simply the result of the engine shutting off (the power steering pump is no longer turning), if you have power breaks the brake pedal would also feel hard. As to the engine, three things to remember initially...the engine needs fuel, air, and spark w/timing. On an import I would suggest testing the spark first. Problem is you need to recreate the condition and check it at that time. If you have a timing light is makes for an easy way to check for spark when it dies and won't start (assumes engine is cranking over). It could be the coil getting hot and not working. Could be a module doing the same thing. The parts store may be able to check them but test equipment for a module is not cheap. Testing a coil is a matter of checking ohms but again you have to recreate the condition and then test. I wouldn't suggest just replacing parts in hope of getting it fixed...and how do you know it shakes a lot when shutting down if you are driving it when it happens? Just vibration or by the feel of the steering wheel maybe? If it starts after letting it sit (and it runs 'normal') then there isn't a timing issue and probably not an air supply issue either. Fuel is possible but not since the initial supply of oxygenated fuel many moons ago have I seen a clogged fuel filter. Of course if you don't know when the last time the fuel filter was changed then it's probably a good idea as a matter of principle. Just make sure it's something you can do (ie: special tools, location, safety, etc) before you take it out. Hope this helps.
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You said you let it sit for a while before starting it again. What happens if you try to start it right after it stalls?
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hey, thank you guys for the reply. I took it out to see what else i can find and yesterday i die on me again and this time it wont start at all. I got my hood up and this guy came and said he work on cars so he look at it and he said it had a fuel problem. He also suggested that i change the fuel filter like u said. So he got some starter spray and spray it in the throttle and it work now. Also what do you mean when u say "recreate" i take an automotive class in high school and i never heard of that before. Lewashi

When it die on me and i try again it just dont crank up. jeff67
thx agian

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