Accord'92 manual doesn't start after stopping


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Accord'92 manual doesn't start after stopping

My Accord '92 (manual trans) has begun experiencing an annoying problem. Sometimes the engine fails to start if I attempt it right after I stopped it. The starter cranks but the engine doesn't fire. Usually 2-3 minute wait helps, and it starts without a problem. A couple of times I had to wait for half an hour though. It never happens after a long down time, always starts fine in the morning. The battery and starter motor are new (3-4 months).

What's the most obvious probable cause? Spark plugs? Valves?

Thanks! You've been very helpful last few times.
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My experience with what you're describing (for Honda's) is usually at/in the distributor. I've even had a civic that would idle with no issues but as soon as you let the clutch out it would die. And it was something that got worse over a short period of time. My cousin took it to Honda (before advising me of the issue) & they kept working on the fuel system / replacing plugs. Plugs/Valves I doubt since mechanically speaking if you've damaged them they won't get better. I would suggest starting with the coil, it could be getting hot and going out of tolerance. Just have to remember to test it cold and test it when the car won't start (hot). Depending on veh/engine mileage it may be cheaper in the long run to just replace the distributor since you could replace the coil, then have the ignitor/module go out, etc, etc. It's not chevy HEI where you can just swap stuff out easily. Oh! And make sure you know what kind of distributor you have prior to looking for parts, if that's what the test(s) indicate/support...TEC / Hitachi are probably the primaries for that year (I could look it up for what-ifs but you can look under hood for what it is). Hope this helps.
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I would suggest you see a shop and pay to have it diagnosed before you just start trying parts as many things could cause this problem and honda had problems with there main relay or it could be an ecu or distributer component related problem.
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I had the simalar problem with my 91 Honda Accord. Before you go and get you distributer looked at there is a relay that is on the driver side near the fuse panel. In hot weather or once the car has gotten hot the circuit will come apart in this relay and cause the car NOT to satrt. Once car cools off car will start fine.

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