'94 Pontiac Grand Am Wiring help!!!


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'94 Pontiac Grand Am Wiring help!!!

Can anyone in here help with some input regarding this? I just bought one and the horn won't work. The previous owner said someone had broken in and made a mess of the steering column, and I can't find the problem with the horn. Anyone know of any good websites with wiring schematics, etc.? Forget the Haynes manual- too vague and generic. Much appreciated.
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Try www.autozone.com. Be extra careful if you have airbags. Disconnect the battery before messing around with the wires to prevent an airbag explosion or shorts.
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Thanks for the input. I did disconnect. I'm finding such a mess in the steering column behind the airbag/horn! The airbag parts are broken, the horn is disconnected, the tilt mechanism has been toyed with- I think I'm returning this nightmare for a refund!! Thanks again.
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either that...

...or a used steering column...there too many small parts to guide you correctly. only an experienced tech should be messing with that thing...

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