Piston order


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Piston order

I am rebuilding my first 350 on my own and I have always been told to keep the pistons in order. I didn't have a punch to mark them so I took a piece of cardboard and put them all down on that and beside each piston I mark what cylinder they came out of so I new what order to put them back in. It would of worked just fine but the other day my little nephew wanted to be in the garage with me to give me "a hand" and when I wasn't looking he grabed the first 2 pistons andwas playing with them and now I don't know which order they were in. I was wanting to know is some knows how inportant it is that they go back in the same order? The main bearind caps and everything else will be put back in the same order just not the first 2 pistons.Thanks for the help!
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If it is just 1 and 2 then it should be very simple to figure out where they go. First of all the notch on the top of the piston goes forward to the front of the engine. Then you can look on the side of the rod at the crank journal and you should be able to tell how they match up. Also the notch on the rod will also help you determine which direction the go in.
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I too like to keep things in order. It's best to mark the part itself. A sharpie is quick. A digital camera is always part of my tool box.

You may be able to salvage the positions by trying to match any characteristic scratches, scuff marks, or carbon marks of the pistons to the cylinder wall or head. After all, this is what forensic scientists do.
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Thanks for the info. Your right about the notches I forgot all about them. I'm sure I will be able to match them up when I put the engine back together (I guess I have a 50/50 chance right ) This may seem like a stupid question to some of you pros out there, but this is my first engine I am doing on my own and I was wondering just how important it is to have them in the same order? THANKS AGAIN!!!!
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I've only rebuilt one engine, long ago. I am not an expert. Having said that, lol, that would not be a show stopper for me. I assume you will use new rings and bearings on all cylinders and remove the carbon ridge on the cylinders and hone and cross hatch the cylinders. Go for it.

If your not replacing the rings, you could expect lower compression in the mismatched cylinders, but I don't know how severe it might be.
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I putting on new rings and I took a ridge rimmer to it and honed out the cylinders
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If you're honing it and replacing the rings, don't sweat it. Just make sure the notch or arrow or whatever points towards the front of the motor, and that you are putting the connecting rod caps on correctly.(Don't mix those up, or disaster will strike. )

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