Spark Plug Wires for '98 Ford Explorer


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Spark Plug Wires for '98 Ford Explorer

I am working on a '98 Ford Explorer Sport, 4 liter SOHC with a EEC-IV ignition (distributorless) system. I wanted to do something simple as changing the ignition wires, but when I looked at the wires, the plug in ends are different than ones I have seen before. I was trying to use off-the-shelf wires, but the plug in end on the ignition module side will not fit. I assume I must buy a wire set from a Ford dealership or are there different ends I can assemble to the wires to make them work?

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Off the shelf wires should work. Perhaps they gave you the wrong part,, it happens. Check with the auto parts store again to be sure.

You would not be the first person to think they have the wrong part, when in fact, many replacement wires have much smaller boots that really 'look' like they don't fit, but of course they do.

On another side note, factory wires are some of the best wires you can buy. Often when you go to local auto supply and look at replacment wires, you can readily see the vast difference between factory wires and the various grades of wires on the shelf. And there is a large difference between brands within the auto supply brands as well. The lower the price, the smaller, less protective the boot and insulation. If you visually examine a lowest price auto parts store wire to a factory wire, you might even think they are not the same part. That is how different they can look.

Your Ford wire set may cost $100, while the lowest store brand may be around $30 or even less. I've sometimes feel that people that are installing brand new lowest priced wires are installing wires that are inferior to the factory wires that they are discarding.

If you can afford it, avoid the lowest priced wires.
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I would recommend going with Ford wires for any EEC-IV controlled vehicle
Sometimes aftermarket wires do some wacky stuff with those systems
Even the good "Racing" wires
Granted, this is more from experience with the distributer-type systems, but still, I'd recommend Ford wires with EEC-IV

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