Distributor install 96 Civic


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Distributor install 96 Civic

My 96 Honda Civic EX needs a new distributor. Can I do it myself and install this? How hard is it? It appears to be easy to access.
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Changing the distributor is easy if you are mechanicly inclined. The hardest part may be locating the 2-pin connector under the dash so you can set the timing. The manual gives you the color of the wires so you can locate the connector. It will not have anything plugged into it.

I had trouble seeing the "V" & pointer that you line the timing mark up with. So I put a little yellow paint on the tips tp make it easier to see.

For the factory service manual----go to www.hondahookup.com
look on the left side at the bottom of the navagation columm. click on manuals. go toward the bottom of the list and click on 96-96 civic new

You will find the information you need on pages 23-91 and 23-92

Keep the web address for future reference. The manual is not real user friendly but all of it is there. I print the index page at the front so I can tell what section I am in by the symbol in the upper right corner of the page. That really helps.

I just got through trouble shooting a lock up torque converter problem on my son's prelude. I could not have begun to start with out the factory manual.

Let me know how you do.
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Thanks for the reply, but it sounds like it may be worth the $80 in labor to have it replaced at the shop!.
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Don't give up yet. Take a look at the manual. It is really pretty easy and the instructions are good. I can change one in about 15 minutes. It will probably take you longer since it is your first time. I have had shops tell me they do not jump the 2-pin connector as it is not necessary. I guess they know more that Honda!!

If you want it done right get a factory manual and do it your self.

Of course if after you look things over and feel it is beyond your capability have someone else help or do it for you.

You might get labor prices elsewhere. I don't see how an experienced shop could spend more than 30 minutes on the job. So $160.00 per hr seems steep to me.

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