cooling system problems


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cooling system problems

I have a1996 chevy tahoe i replaced the thermostat and my truck is still over heating I replaced the serpentine belt and still over heating it seems to be circulating the pumpseems to be working I'm getting heat inside in thge heater after I have driven it the over flow is empty and my fluid in the radiator is down and I noticed the lower hose was colapsed until I took the radiator cap off and opened the system to the atmosphere whats up with this is it clogged some place and where is my coolant going I think its going out the over flow tank vent?
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check your oil level make sure its not getting in the oil the intake gaskets can leak into the crankase.
if the oil checks ok have a presuure test done on the cooling system and have it checked for possible headgasket problem .
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Sounds like a leak. Probably only occurs when the engine is hot and the radiator is under pressure. Can be hard to spot because the escaping water is hot and evaporates soon after it leaks out.

Furthermore, you don't think to check for leaks after you fill it, because it stops over heating. Then when it overheats a couple days later, it has your attention, but the water level may be below the leak point with little or no more escaping fluids.

Fill her up, drive it hot, open the hood and frequently look for tell tell signs of a small leak each day, before it overheats from low fluids. Check the underside of the hood for spray patterns. Sooner or later, you will discover the leak.

Plastic radiators can leak thru very very small hair line cracks that are only noticeable when the fluids are actually escaping.
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A collapsed hose during cool down would indicate a bad radiator cap that needs to be replaced.
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As above.
Take the car for a spin and heat up the engine.
Then pop the bonnet and wait for a few minutes. Put your hand under the radiator cap. If its wet then the cap needs replacing.

When its cool check the hose clamps are tight. Squeeze the hoses and see if air/water comes out at connections.

When you replaced the belt did you disturb the water pump ? It might be leaking form there (usually it leaks heaps from there though).

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