Fog lights on Honda EX Accord


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Question Fog lights on Honda EX Accord

I want the fog lights to be usable whenever the parking lights are on. Now they only function when the low beams are on and the instrument switch is pushed.
It should be possible to change it so that anytime the ignition switch is on and
whenever the parking lights are on, the switch for the fog lights would function.
There are a number of colored wires on the rear of the stock fog light switch and it should be possible to connect two of them and make it happen. If possible I want to avoid installing a new relay and cutting into the parking light wiring etc. (the logical fix).
If anyone has experience with this, let me know. It is a 92 EX Accord. Ron

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One of the fog harness switch wires is an illumination circuit, to illuminate the fog light switch on the dash. This wire is hot when the parking lights are on.

Another fog switch wire is the fog lamp circuit. It is hot when the low beams come on.

Cut the fog lamp wire and splice it to the illumination circuit. Done.

When the parking lights come on, you may turn on your fog lamps.

P.S. I will be gone the rest of the week in case you need clarification.
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If you splice the fog light wires into another circuit, you would probably have to do some rewiring with heavier gauge wire to accomodate the extra current from the fog lights and install a larger fuse for the circuit....a lot of work. Every wire on the circuit (including any traces on a printed circuit board in the circuit) would have to be able to handle more current than the fuse, in case something should go wrong so the fuse would blow instead of a wire burning.

The only feasible solution I see is to install a relay unless you could find an aftermarket switch that you could connect parking and fog lights to. You could tap into a parking light wire with a wire tap like the one shown here:
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in some states... in virginia...fog lamps are may only burn with low beams. that isn't to say that you can't do what you are after...only that they CANNOT burn on high beams. it's a violation of state inspection regs...the point is that you may want to check out any limitations that apply in your state. and yes...a relay with proper circuit protection would be the most appropriate way to control the fog lamps.
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Thanks to the three of you who responded to my question about changing the fog lights from only being on with low beams to being on with parking lights as well. I tried another forum and after about a week, still haven't had even one response although it was the same question and in fact, the site is supposed to be a "Honda Forum"....but within two days three of you have given me some ideas and THANKS! It is very much appreciated. You have made a believer out of me. Ron

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