2002 Taurus power problem


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2002 Taurus power problem

I am having an odd problem(to say the least) with my 2002 Taurus. It is stalling while I am driving. All of the dash lights will come on and the speedometer and tachometer go to 0. Then if I gas it, it will resume running. This happens no matter what speed I am going...from sitting still to even 70 MPH. After it resumes running, all lights will be real dim and then eventually be back to the normal brightness.

Ive had the car a couple different places and nothing seems to fix it. I thought maybe someone on here could offer some advice or had the same problem.
Thanks in advance!!
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You need to have the charging system checked.
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check battery posts with a multimeter with the car on, it should read about 14 volts

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