88 Chevy Celebrity


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88 Chevy Celebrity

I have an 88 Celebrity that I have changed the fuel pump,lines,injector,TPS,regulator, and the ECC. The origanil problem was that it hesitate, while driving or sitting. After I changed the TPS it seemed ok for a few months then it started all over again, so I changed the TPS again. That didn't help this time, so I changed the fuel pump, still no change, other than it got worse. It would not start, so I used starter fluid, because it wasn't getting gas. It worked for awhile, but it finally died and I changed the injector, and as soon as I turn the switch on now, it pumps enough fuel to fill the throttle body half full. So I changed the regulator, and then the ECC, but it still does it. It doesn't matter if the injector is plugged in or not. The only time it doesn't pump automatically is if the ECC is not plugged in. I am at my wits end, someone, PLEASE help.
Thank you.
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it sounds like you have a bad or missing o ring around the injector causing it to dump fuel as soon as pressure is built up probably has been that way since injector was replaced.
you dont state engine size im just assuming that it is a 2.5 with throttle body injection and im not sure what ecc is are you referring to the computer or commonly called ecm on older gm models.
check out the injector for a damaged or missing o ring when you install the orings you should coat them with some oil to help prevent any damage on install.
also quit replacing parts just take it to a shop and have it diagnossed if you continue to have any problems, probably will only cost you around 50 - 75 dollars for a diagnossis and youve already spent 3 times that much on parts that didn't fix the problem.

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