87 Ford F150 Ignition problems


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87 Ford F150 Ignition problems

I have a 87 Ford F150 5.0 with a intermittent ignition failure problem. It will start and run fine for 15 min. to 2 hours then it will die and not restart for 15-20 min. At the time it dies I have no spark at the ignition coil and the coil does still have power. I have change the pickup coil, ignition coil, ignition module, computer and done a complete tune up on it. Now I'm lost and looking for help. Thanks
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Check grounds. Pins 20, 40 and 60 on the processor connector.
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If it has the Ignition module(TFI) on the distributor's side when you replaced it, did you use die-electric grease between it and the distributor housing?? The grease needs to be applied or the module can overheat.
I realize you state you still have voltage at the coil when this occurs but you might also check your ignition switch at the bottom of the steering column to make sure it's not coming apart( some of these were recalled at one time for loss of ignition).
Only other thing i can think of is the ground wire coming off the battery's negative cable -- small wire that has a twist type connector -- i've seen these get corroded. Also you might check your EEC Relay( it's brown in color and is usually near the fuel pump relay).

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