93 chev caprice electrical problem


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93 chev caprice electrical problem

I need help trying to figure this one out never had this problem befor ever, lol. Ok I have a 93 chev caprice ex cop car and i am having a short or some kind of power draw from somethng. The car has a new alternator and battery, and the entire charging system is working just fine. The problem is when i turn it off. If the car sits for a few hours the battery goes dead like when you leave the headlights on. So I boost it and it runs and charges fine if I turn it off, and restart its fine. But after like I said a few hours the batt goes dead, even less time when its cold out. I have pulled all the fuses and tryed that and still happens. All the lights are off and nothing hums or buzzes. I cant hear power going to anything, it all apears to go off like it should. Fuseible links are all fine, and i cant find any ground out wires at all. I am going crazy trying to figure this one out. And I am tired of taking it out and being affraid to leave it off for to long. Can anyone help me please, with what this could be?
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Sorryt hat I can't help but I have an 87, just tuned it up, new bat, alternator, fuel pump and spark ignitor....damn near same problem. Its a conspiracy!!
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Bad Kitty replaced several items. The one you may want to check out is the alternator. If the internal regulater has gone bad, it can charge the battery when running and then discharge it thru the alternator when the engine is off.
I know that you have a "new" probably rebuilt alt. It should be good, but stuff happens. Same with the battery. Charge the battery and then remove the ground wire. Let it sit for 3-4 hours and then hook up the ground wire and start the car. If it's dead, it has an internal short which is draining it.

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