noisy top end


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noisy top end

2002 LS silverado, 4 sp auto, 4.8 liter, 40,000 miles. bought this truck 4 months ago. first noticed noisy top end on start-up 3 weeks ago. since the truck had been sitting for 3 days, i didnt think anything about it. since then it has progressed to happening every afternoon when i crank it up, (lasts for 1 sec), it just sounds dry, slight, but very noticeable noise. vehicle had excellent care from previous owner. this truck is perfect except for this noise. it was serviced when i bought it. an a-c brand oil filter was put on. i dont know what kind of oil, (bought it from dealership). i changed oil at 2900 miles, now has fram filter on it, and valvoline 5-30,,,,no change,,,help
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If it is a ticking or tapping sound it may be the hydraulic lifters bleeding down. A little of this is not a problem. I assume you mean you changed the oil 2,900 miles after the change when you bought it. I have found Rislone to be very good at removing varnish which can cause lifters to bleed down.

You say it had excellent care, but do you have proof of when the oil was changed and if so how often was it done? It is unusual for a vehicle with 40,000 miles to have that much varnish unless oil changes were neglected or sub standard quality oil was used.
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Take the truck to your local GM dealer and have them do a top end cleaning on it for carbon build up. This is more then likely your problem. GM has a top in cleaner that they use just for this purpose and the dealer should know about this if they do much business at all.
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tell you another little known secret that I've used for years and my dad for years before that.. he always used Wynn, but I use Marvel... put at least a cupful in every tankful of gas and a cupful in your crankcase.. it cleans the carbon up, lubricates the cylinders, lifters, valves, etc.. run it for a month or two and take a look at your spark plugs.. and keep track of your mileage, it will go up too.. the stuff works! you can buy it for about $11 a gallon if you shop around.... I use it in every motor I have, even my diesel pickup.. and lawnmower.. Harleys love it!

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