87 Caprice - Electrical


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87 Caprice - Electrical

Since I was last here (little over a month), I have gotten a full tune up, oil change, battery (heavy duty), battery lines, alternator, ignition modulator,fuel pump, choke pull....

So my cars check engine light came on Monday, and a couple seconds later I lose power. I get towed to my mechanic (who is pissing me off after my car seems to break every time he fixes it with something new...) who took a look at it and blamed a faulty ignition modulator, changes it, charges me and arm and a leg and sends me on my merry way. I leave the shop and it felt like I just didn't have the same power that I had just days before but didn't give it much thought until 10 minutes later when I was almost at work and my radio slowly gave out (thought it was my speaker blowing out) but then I realized my directionals were dead too. I also figured the chances of both fuses blowing were slim. The check engine light came on just before I pulled in to work so the car wasn't dead yet. Called the boyfriend who fixed the alternator and we thought it was that again. We got the car to run but it lost the charge real fast. We charged it again tonight for not even 10 minutes and it got home fine. I actually had a couple power surges where the headlights went extra bright on the way back. My car held the charge fine and started right back up without help.

What the heck is left in my car to break that acts this way? Did my mechanic put something back together wrong and thats why my car is going batty?
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sounds like...

...text book charging system problem to me. the charging system needs to be properly tested, which would include charging the bettery properly first and then testing it before anything else. then the generator should be tested under both light and heavy electrical loads.
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Went back to my mechanic...he tested the alternator and said it was on its way through eath's door. My car looses charge around 3000 RPMs. If I keep it under that it is ok. I'm about to dump this mechanic for a new one though because although he appears knowledgeable, he doesn't seem to follow through with anything...like testing my chargind system....
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I had that exact same problem come to think of it with my 84 olds delta 88 royal broughm. The same thing exactly, when it ideld or reved a wee bit the alt put out like normal. But when the rpms came up like in normal driving, the alts output was really low so much so that the headlights would dim and so on. I replaced the alt and batt several times but unfortunatly to no avail never found out what it was. But interesting enough i found that when my batt goes dead when sitiing for a short time on my 82 chev impala wagon, it turned out it was the starter grounding out on itself. A new on fixed it and off it was. But I still have no idea as to my current problem. Hope this might help a little if at all. lol. Just thought i would throw that out there.
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oh and

I found that same problem with my 82 as well. Turned out it was a broken wire right at the starter that would sometimes touch and let go with vibration. Also known as the fusible link. I was able to look down and find it broken right at the starter, the smallest wire too. Maybe?
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If you have a bad alternator, it may have ruined the battery. Have both tested like carguyinva said.

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