Engine light sabotage!!! by me!!!


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Engine light sabotage!!! by me!!!

Ever since we bought our ford focud the engine light has been on. Now I have a recal on my fuel system which is really important and they won't take the car because the engine light is on. I took it to a mechanic and he said I had to get new keys.... came back on in a week.. then it was supposedly my gas cap.... came back on in three hours.. Can't I just unscrew the light from under the dash or something. there must be something I can do. I know that the car is fine but that the light is malfunctioning or something and the car is not under warratee. How can I get that light off??????
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If the code was for the gas cap then it must have a leak in the EVAP system. There was something on these cars that cause the problem. And that was a small clamp that went around a valve on top of the fuel tank. How many miles does the car have on it? And what year is it?
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Which recall is it that needs to be performed? Many recalls require that we check things including whether the CEL is illuminated or not.

Word to the wise.... don't buy a car with the CEL illuminated.... don't buy a car without having it checked out by a dis-interested party.
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Why don't you go to Autozone and have them read the code for free.Then come back and post the code numbers and we can go from there.You have 2 qualified Ford techs trying to help you but they are not looking at a crystal ball so get them some more info.
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Thanks Davo for the complement! We have never been able to turn away a safety recall or any recall because the check engine light was on. And sometimes the recalls fixes the engine light?

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