92 Probe tensioner pulley assembly cracked.


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Question 92 Probe tensioner pulley assembly cracked.

I have a 92 Ford Probe, 6 cylinder, 3.0. I discovered the serpentine belt loose, which resulted in the car not getting any heat into the vehicle interior. Upon closer inspection I found that the tensioner pulley housing was cracked and the pulley was not putting any tension on the serpentine belt. Can I just replace the tensioner assembly or do I have to replace adjacent/attached parts as well? I think the water pump is either part of this assembly or maybe the tensioner pully assembly bolts to it. Any hints, pointers, tips.......?Thanks, Tom
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I don't recall the tensioner setup on a Probe, but on most cars the tensioner can be taken off simply by removing the nut/bolt in the center. The tensioner is held in position by an indexing lug that prevents the body of the tensioner from rotating. Pretty straight-forward stuff.

You'll have to explain how a loose tensioner/serpentine would prevent heat from getting into the interior. You lost me on that one.
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It might be pretty difficult changing the tensioner pulley without removing the Tbelt...at least from what I can tell on a 2nd Gen MX6, which is the same motor as the Probe 2Gen.
Check thru here...Im sure someone would know for sure...
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The water is not circulating, so I think that is why I'm not getting heat into the interior. It looks like some kind of aluminum housing that is cracked, so the tensioner is not placing tension on the serpentine belt. The pulley itself looks ok. It's the housing surrounding -what the arm holding the pulley is going into- that appears cracked! Tom
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Kinda hard to describe, huh?? Im thinking the tensioner is the "pulley", than the "arm", than the part the spring is coiled up inside. Does this sound like what ya got?? If so, there should be a bolt thru the center of the whole thing holding it to the H2o pump housing, (or maybe smaller bolts near the outside). The whole tensioner will come as an assembly. If you go to your local NAPA store, they can show you a pic of the part (worth 1000 words) & be sure to specify the 3.0l eng, as the Mazda ones are a different design Good Luck!!
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Well I got the tensioner pulley off without too much difficulty. First I drained the antifreeze, which I later determined I did not have to do. Then, since the serpentine belt was not holding the water pump pulley tight, I held the water pump pulley with a pair of vice grips and removed the four bolts that were holding the pulley on the water pump. Once the water pump pulley was out of the way, I was able to access the torx bolt holding the tensioner pulley assembly on the motor. I removed the torx bolt and the tensioner arm, and its attached pulley came right off. Now the trick is to find a replacement! Then, maybe, as they say in the manuals, 'installation will be the reverse of removal.' Have a safe day. Tom
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Glad to hear you got that off, Tom. Just wondering, did you ever have the water pump changed in the past? If not, now would be a good time to do it.
I would probably try a Ford or Mazda dealer for the part...or a good auto parts store. Not sure what you have in your neighborhood.
Yeah..installation the same as removal, in reverse...lol. Just ya just love it.

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